O W N E R  &  P H O T O G R A P H E R

Psalm 19:1 // The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.

My name is Ingrid and this handsome man next to me is my husband, Wayne. This is the sweet man who faithfully pursued me for 7 years, was my best friend first, and then became my husband in 2011. We have two little cutie pies, who drives our hearts wild! What an honor it is to do life alongside Wayne and raise a littles to learn to love others well. 

My inspirations are : natural light, couples who care more about their marriage than the details of their wedding and Jesus.


As creators of images and lovers of marriage, we get excited about documenting the stories of awesome people in love. We are a photography team based out of Gainesville, Florida but love to travel to be storytellers. To read more about the faces behind the team, check out  this blog post! I shoot both digital and film photography to give that stunning ethereal look to your day. Nothing beats the look of film photography! Taking a candid approach to photography, we focus on capturing real and raw moments to tell stories as the day naturally unfolds. We aim to capture love stories as well as build genuine relationships with our incredible couples. Our purpose is to take your day or moment and reflect the beauty of the story...


The work of His hands.

Photos by KT Crabb Photography




Meet the team

She makes you feel so comfortable that you forget she is there.


There are no words to describe the depth of this girl's talent. She not only has an eye for photography that is unmatched, but she has the personality that brings out the most beautiful and sincere emotions in the people she photographs.

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