C R E A T I V E  &  C O N T E N T  D I R E C T O R

As the Creative & Content Director, I curate the visual content to fill your social media feeds with all the beautiful stories that are captured. I also manage the planning/executing of all things blog and submissions. I help manage certain campaigns (think giveaways and minis) and am the one choosing all of those pretty pictures for the feed. I have a passion for  telling all of the love stories that God creates.

Unofficially, I'm the biggest Belieber on the team! I’m a girl desiring to live out every chapter in my story for His glory. I’m passionate about cultivating spaces for people to be seen and loved. One of my biggest prayers is that my dining room table would always be a place where people with different stories and backgrounds can pull up a chair and belong. 




Photos by KT Crabb Photography